Daniel Munro

Daniel Munro

Ever since I can remember I have always been a rather active individual and have wanted to help people, preferring to spend time outdoors and being active rather than inside and sedentary, even before the time of smart devices and online gaming.
Being involved in a number of team and individual sports growing up cemented my passion for health and fitness and provided the foundation for my competitive nature and obsession with progression.

I had always seen myself becoming a personal trainer and assisting others in achieving their own goals and desires.
It wasn’t until I was a little older and more confident in myself that I decided to take a gap year from a business & commerce degree to pursue becoming a qualified personal trainer. During this time I also began to notice members (both less and more experienced than myself) of the martial arts gym I train at were looking to me for guidance or assistance with techniques or enquiring about my approach to training.  All of these factors and more encouraged me that I was on the right path and I haven’t looked back since.

Since 2016 Daniel Munro – Personal Training has been helping the community by providing specialised and specific 1 – on – 1, small to large group and corporate fitness programming, training and education.

In this short time DM–PT has helped a number of clients of various backgrounds and abilities in the Macarthur region to achieve their individual goals and to continue improving themselves to be the best that they can be.

Knowing that there is more to personal training than just the physical training session, DM–PT goes beyond the average personal training experience to deliver a truly unique guidance and mentorship experience to my cliental.

1 – On – 1 Personal Training

Daniel has been available at the Campbelltown Fit N Fast club located at Macarthur Square since June 2016.
Offering either 30minute or 60minute sessions – these sessions are specifically focused on the individual and provide speciality singular attention on the client and their training.
Beginning in 2018 – DM-PT will be expanding its 1-on-1 PT services to include Online Coaching & Personal Training,

Group Personal Training

Daniel also offers small to large group fitness training. These sessions are designed for those who like to train with friends and family or a group of like-minded individuals working towards similar fitness and health related goals.

Within Fit N Fast I can train groups of up to 4 people at a time in a private group session.

Daniel also holds 2 x 45min sessions at Campbelltown Martial Arts per week.

Corporate Personal Training

Beginning in 2017, DM-PT launched its corporate personal training service for businesses and organisations within the Macarthur community. Providing the rare opportunity for DM-PT to come to you and your business/organisation.

Customer Review

Gwen Virgo

Bootcamp after school has given the staff a chance to connect with each other and have fun whilst getting fit. Daniel is very professional and able to make us step out of our comfort zone and ensures each exercise is done with correct form and technique. His enthusiasm is contagious

Robert Jones

After turning 60 my health declined and I was told by my doctor that I needed a lifestyle change. I decided that I would get fit and watch my diet. I joined a gym and was lucky enough to meet up with Daniel Munro and with his tuition I have turned by life around. I have dropped 9kg of fat, put on lean muscle and feel really well. I have found Daniel to be a Personal Trainer that is invested in me and understands my health and fitness goals. I am 66 years old and Daniel is as important to me as my other health professionals. It is my pleasure to be able to recommend Daniel Munro and his Personal Training services to ANYONE wishing to realise their own strength and fitness goals

Lexi Rogulski

Over the past year that I've been training with Daniel he has been a great motivator and has helped me gain a lot more confidence within myself by pushing me past my barriers. He has also helped me to start believing in myself. With his help i am starting to achieve numerous goals